Monday, December 26, 2011

Dreams die first…

Dreams are beautiful visions when we are sleeping, but the moment we wake up, it disappears and we do not have anything left to chase these dreams. The law of cause and effect is hopeless when you want to follow your dream. The dreamer seeks vainly to find form and shape that will fit his ethereal essence, forever inert to waste away …. like a celestial folly.

Imagination is the voice of the daring and knowledge empowers you. Nothing gives you more pleasure than creating a bond with friends, family and others and helping them find their inherent potential. What does a seeker desire? Most of us want to know how the universe was created, how humans came to exist, what happens when we die? And what are the answers we get from Religion, the stock answer is God made this Universe, he is the creator, the supreme primate and there is a heaven and hell on earth. So if you want deliverance and salvation you must follow your religion and bow in obeisance to god. Yet in our struggles of daily life and misery neither God nor religion can help us even though we are advised to just pray and hope for the best. Though god exists in every sand and stone he is a mute spectator, watching the fun and games while we wallow in misery.

Yet all humans with a higher consciousness fall down and prostrate for nirvana and salvation. Our moments of blackest despair, pain, sorrow and misery our own and god cannot deliver us from whatever evil that befalls us. This is the honest moment of truth, the lucid moment when the real “verily” of truth is revealed. Religion is the biggest hype; it cannot solve any of yours or the world’s problems. It can only divide mankind and create more misery, hate and violence. So ask what we know about the truth. Now that you have the correct perspective lets wipe the slate clean. Anything that is not about getting to the truth should be abandoned. We have to only open up, only discover what is already there, scriptures have been conceived in darkness and baptized in light.

Every day we slaughter our finest impulses. That is why we get heartache when we read those lines written by great philosophers and poets. We recognize them as our own words wrenched from our tormented souls, as the tender shoots which we had stifled in our hearts, because we lacked faith and conviction to believe in our own powers and our own criterion of the truth and beauty.
Every man and woman, when quiet, when they are really honest with themselves, is capable of uttering profound truths. We all derive from the same source, we have to open up, only discover what is already there within. There is no mystery about the origins of things; we are all part of the universe, all kings, poets, philosopher’s priests, all flora, fauna, mountains, rivers, and nature. Like the haunting lyrics of a bygone song, “Beautiful dreamer wake unto me starlight and sunshine are waiting for thee”…

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