Monday, December 26, 2011

Stretch your dreams till it breaks into a flip flop.

Way back in 1960, an unknown athlete called Dick Fosbury virtually “inverted” the traditional technique of high jumping. He created a revolution in athletics by clearing the bar with his back to it, as opposed to the conventional straddle method of lead arm and leg followed by stomach.

But most athletes who had practiced and were conditioned over the years did not change their technique for more than a decade even after this stupendous feat. It was only when the next crop of new kids who had nothing to lose started copying this style that it became popular and has become a standard method in the sport now.
Similarly the creative idea of Face book has overnight become the biggest business entity in just 3 years. Steve Jobs also likewise changed the face of the cell phone and laptop industry. It means we have to stretch our dreams and imaginations to explore new horizons while ignoring the obvious.

An adolescent day dream can have earth shattering implications and become utterly beautiful transforming our whole lives. We inhabit a strange world where disruption is the new mantra. Turn all conventions and traditions upside down, question all logic and theories, aspire to be different, do not follow the herd, believe no one, create your own path that is true liberation. – Vinay-

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