Monday, December 12, 2011

Spirituality is not about faith.

pirituality is not about faith.
It is a mistaken notion to think that spirituality is in any way connected to religion, it is just an inner compass followed by human beings to discover themselves. It is a sort of reflection on the interiors of oneself to discover the consciousness that merges with the universe. In the Veda’s there is no creator for the Universe, the logic is that it evolved or the basis is that it “became” and the invisible aspect is the spirit.

A spiritual life has nothing to do with religion or leading an ascetic life; in fact one can wine, dine, womanize, smoke, be an atheist and yet be spiritual. A person who attains a broad outlook, tolerance, patience, compassion, and is an aesthete, is able to find peace within and reach the equipoise to accept life in its myriad hues.

Spirituality is not the preserve of a select few and it also does not mean one should give up worldly activity. There is no separate compartment for worldly and spiritual life, desires and ambitions are also part of the reality in life. People also think spirituality is for old and retired people who have no other work. This is a paradox because it is during our active working life that we need spirituality to complement our hectic social life, and thereby increase our confidence & self esteem that acts as a support system.

Reality as constructed by our senses is sometimes referred to as an illusion because it excludes the invisible. The world may be a temporal reality, but while it evolves it is not unreal. It comprises of layers of matter and spirit and as such illusion is a process through the senses with a beginning and an end in constant flux. Illusion and reality are part of the whole. Spirituality embodies pain, pleasure, sickness, and convalescence, all ages, all the youth of our tumultuous and tortured lives. There is no shortcut for a tranquil life the footpath has to encompass desires, ambition & life affirming view of spirituality, to evolve into the next step of collaborating with the Universe.

You may conquer the world around you but if you are not aware of the world within you, you will shrink I drown in your own hubris. Spirituality helps you to cope with joy, sorrow, hard ship and stimulate our brains to get total satisfaction in life

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