Monday, December 26, 2011

If you're not interested in gossip, you're not a fully grown woman.

Most people delight in censure, when they are not the objects of it; however they are offended by any publicity exposing their private vices. Yet everyone takes a vicarious satisfaction, to indulge in gossip, of their friends and neighbors in the same circumstances.
A man or woman without any interest in gossip may be impressive in his or her restraint, but also wanting in curiosity, uninterested in the cariousness of human nature, dead to the wildly abundant oddity of life, and thereby, in some central way, deficient.
Gossip- what was once a more refined custom has degenerated into a tabloid-infested culture of Internet slurs and an obsessive focus on the personal lives of public figures.
While gossip is an activity that almost everyone partakes in, it's hard to define. The first step is distinguish gossip from rumors, with the latter being “less specific’’, more general, more diffuse, less personal in content and in the manner in which they are disseminated. Rumors can lead to gossip, and gossip can reinforce rumors. But gossip is particular, told to a carefully chosen audience, and is specifically information about other people. Gossip can be false. There is of course the wish to harm someone else’s reputation by spreading stories of moral failures or sexual liaisons (here gossip and rumor can supplement each other). Just imagine how boring life and news would be, if the reportage in the tabloids left out all those titillating gossip columns and printed stock prices and inflation. The voyeuristic pleasure comes from reading the shenanigans and private lives of Monroe, Kennedys, Onassis, Clinton, Tiger Woods, Shane/ Hurley, Salman Rushdie and the salacious news of Berlusconi, Julian Assange, Dominique Strauss and other celebrities. Gossip is not about politics or celebrity, but rather people, even if they happen to be politicians or celebrities.

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