Monday, December 26, 2011

Either way we must decide! Or go jump over the cliff.

Life is never going to be easy, what you do with your life, is only of concern to you. Life makes us an offer but in return asks for perseverance. Everything is more complicated than you think, you see only the tip o f the iceberg, there are millions of strings attached to every decision you make. You can destroy many things by making a wrong choice. It is our knowledge that makes us take a calculated decision and stay afloat. We need to keep applying this knowledge and ask our conscience “are we doing the night thing”? We all need to do something about the situations that crop up in life; we can’t hold back hoping for miracles.

From our youth till we die, we are constantly facing the formidable task of making decisions. We may in our minds try to rationalize or justify our decisions before indulging in it. You can’t use assumptions sitting at home, you have to know all the components or source. You can’t waste a lifetime for that elusive phone, letter or someone to walk into your life. There is so much falsehood in this world, that if you believe it you will regret it or wait in hope for a better tomorrow, to make you complete, feel loved and wanted.

There are many occasions when we have to wrestle with our conscience and depending on how critical the situation is you hesitate. Sometimes our decisions can alter the course of not just our lives but impact the lives of others. We are expected to lead a decent, stress free life, modestly plodding through everyday problems. Many times everything you do ends disastrously and there is a devilish streak in us that assaults our sensibilities unforgivably, dwarfing our self esteem. Life sometimes is like a pendulum swinging violently alternating between hedonism and virtue, pleasure and pain or between self castigation and achievement. Because we don’t accept the truth of transience we are sometimes indecisive and this slowly architects our decay.

You live only once and we play it out with our career, marriage, children, divorce and goals. The more difficult the journey of life, the greater is the sense of achievement. When we have to overcome obstacles to reach our goals it is like climbing a mountain. It is the journey, and not about climbing to see the summit, which is only a temporary goal, we have to look beyond the mountains into our soul. One does not strike an attitude in front of a mountain; similarly don’t let the din drown the voice of your soul.

In life we must expropriate the old worn out self; your past, your future—the moment is full, neither past nor future is important. Beginning and ending are only partial steps in the eternal process. The process is everything. The only place where these is no change is the grave. –Vinay-

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