Monday, December 26, 2011

There is no purpose in life.

What is the meaning of life? Every religion tries to instill in us the thought that there is a mysterious purpose in life. Fear which is rampant in all of us is a hang over from the lower forms and emerged as humans make us neurotic. There is a silly notion that everyone no matter how far gone, can be saved, saved from what? Reality is there everywhere yet we want to chase illusions.

The world is a human jungle out there, do you really think by embracing the lord’s name offering prayers or meditating for ten years will make you less neurotic than the next person, or that suddenly you will be enlightened with the meaning of life? All the religions with their standard templates (holy book) a god, and institution (church/mosque) with appointed earth managers (Pope, Priests & Mullahs) preach that they can show you the purpose of life? Then why haven’t they shown us the meaning so far? Religions are also plainly confused and unconscious when they claim that there is “a purpose to life” that transcends the ordinary and will unfold. A real honest record of the purpose of our life still awaits birth; none of the religions, spiritual gurus has a truthful answer.

Gurus claim that the past clouds your future, what future does the past have? It is empty rhetoric. Cultivating discernment on the religious or spiritual path in areas like, power, sex, scandals is not going to enlighten us in any way. Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance. Into greater darkness enter those who believe that religion can give them salvation. Isn’t it ridiculous to believe that by expressing regret for past actions God can offer salvation?
Animals don’t look for salvation they just live from moment to moment. Why should we give so much importance to life, if we know we have to die? Life must be enjoyed because death is not a myth but salvation is.

Ideally we should accept our experiences in the world as our reality, success and failure are also past of experience. We are scared of failure, animals are better, they live in the “now” don’t look for a purpose and accept reality. The greatest teachers always state that everyone becomes a healer the moment he forgets about himself, and stops chasing the elusive blue bird called enlightenment. Wisdom is silent does not preach; only gospelers who are ignorant, spend their lives converting and promising eternal salvation.

In the ultimate analysis it’s how well you live your life till the end. Like the Chinese proverb “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water and cook, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water and cook. So if you still have to live your life and die, then why bother about the purpose of life? Greed, desire, religions, pride and prejudice are like the beguiling colors of the rainbow, ephemeral, and transient with no pot of enlightenment at the end of the illusion. It is easier to lead a life of moral correctness and abide by our duty to humanity as we battle with relationships, aspirations and love in this world.

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