Monday, December 26, 2011

Yoga the New Satanic Poses ?

The 86 year old Father Gabriele Amorth who has been cloaked in anonymity for years has suddenly emerged from the shadows of the Vatican’s dubious designation as “chief exorcist”. In his endeavor to earn his 5 minutes of fame before the Lord summons him to Headquarters’ has deemed the practice of yoga as satanic and evil. In his profound ignorance he has claimed that yoga is worship of Hindu religion; after 86 years on this planet the poor soul and theologist has not even comprehended that “Hinduism” is not a religion but a way of life.

What he perhaps will never understand with his conditioned duck brain is that neither Yoga nor Hinduism are religions. In feet it is more popular in the west where it has proliferated like wild fire. The fallout of such popularity is that there has been massive monetization of yoga as a discipline. Sinister yogi’s have moved in, and like a product tried to take it to the next business level, which has caused the externalization of yoga in the west.
Yoga simply means union or junction; it is more or less a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. A technique to still the mind from the outer and increase concentration and thereby consciousness in an attempt to integrate and strengthen the inner & outer compartments and reduce turmoil.
However the Vedic view is not introspective but rather extrovert tilting towards the predatory! Stilling the mind requires years of practice and the west with its love of instant gratification is trying to project yoga like a product or Nike shoe. Just don your yoga outfit and “Stop it”. (Mind), which is easier, said than done. But father Gabriel should try yoga as he seems to have developed arteriosclerosis of the mind.

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