Sunday, November 25, 2012


As Bill Cosby the American comedy actor stated “ A word to the wise isn’t necessary - it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” It is a natural tendency to depend upon someone else, whom we consider superior. When we are young we have our parents, uncles, and teachers and as we grow up we embrace religion, Gods, Guru’s who we feel have greater knowledge, competence and power. We rely on them in times of crisis or failure to boost our morale. Too much reliance, leads to loss of confidence and insecurity, our minds will be dwarfed in its capacity to think and act in a creative manner. We develop a fatalistic attitude to life and growth will be stunted. It raises questions of the duality of this relationship and explores the roles of the creator and the created, master and slave, father and son/daughter and so forth. We should never the conditioned by the values and belief systems of our superiors. We should train our mind and spirit to seek for itself in the adventure of life and find opportunities to grow. Then only can we emerge from the cocoon with a wider vision of the world and test the limits of our own soul. Vinay

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