Sunday, November 25, 2012

Does Money Matter In Happiness?

The question whether money can bring one happiness, is a controversial topic discussed by theologians, philosophers and social scientists. Money is definitely a luxury and one can indulge in it. Many research shows that people with money are not much happier than people with less money. Recent research by Jennifer, Melanie and Cassie of Wharton contradicts the earlier research. According to their findings you must know how to using happiness with your hand earned money. They state that you should spend money on experiences rather than baubles like jewellery, diamonds or a farmhouse in the hinterlands. They also advise us to buy small pleasures instead of big ones and share experiences with family and friends. Do not compare, or compete with the Joneses or other rich and famous people. The forgoing seems logical based on some of my personal experiences too. With money I don’t have to worry where my next meal would come from, which was the case when I was broke. Of course I passed my stage of extravagance in my youth. Now money gives me interesting possibilities, like spending it on an old peon who was in dire straits. His emotional letter gave me a lot of happiness. So too similar gestures that I randomly shower on some needy and less fortunate people. Money helps me to do what I want to, especially to be generous to my old friends. Property and real estate has no allure for me, I would rather spend it on a throwing a fabulous party with fun and frolic or a memorable trip with friends. Money has given me access to highly intelligent, stimulating people, making for an interesting life. My personal needs still remain simple, yet living a chequered and extraordinary life. Try and delay sensual consumption of pleasure to gain the benefit of anticipation. Since I have a vagabond’s heart like a gypsy and a philosophers mind, the idea of wealth is not based on how much I have, but on how much was creatively spent. Money must be spent to create happiness. -Vinay-

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