Sunday, November 25, 2012

Temporal Garuda Tales.

Garuda, the eagle, was enjoying the song of a sparrow atop Mount Kailas, when he saw Yama the god of death (grim reaper), also looking at the bird. But Yama was frowning. Maybe he did not like the song. Fearing for the welfare of the little bird, Garuda, with compassion in his heart, decided to take the bird away from Yama’s line of sight. Garuda took the bird in the palm of his hand and flew to a forest far away beyond seven mountains and seven rivers. There, he left the sparrow on a tree full of succulent fruits. When he returned to Mount Kailas, he found Yama smiling. Yama explained, my account books are balanced. I saw a sparrow here singing a song. It is supposed to die today but not here. It is supposed to die in a forest far away beyond seven mountains and seven rivers, eaten by a python that lives under a tree full of succulent fruits. This has happened, thanks to you the eagle. Garuda realized that what he thought was an act of kindness turned out to be an act of cruelty for the sparrow. So when death narrates a story you have to listen, as death is synonymous with time, the destroyer of worlds. Robert Oppenheimer- while watching the mushrooms cloud of the atom bomb recalled this verse in a reminiscent re-incarnation. Death as time is equally dead. Religious mythological stories can easily be used to delude and manipulate mankind in the garb of motivation, there is no truth out there only myths in the scriptures. Sometimes our failures work in our favor by creating new opportunities. So we must embrace life and enjoy it as long as it lasts. Recretated- -Extracts from Garuda Tales stated by D Pattanaik and Vitthal Nadkarni-

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