Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is Nett Worth and Wealth an Illusion?

Fairplay and ethics in business is a modern word, introduced perhaps by the French Revolution, based on the assumption that there is same kind of a universal measurable scale, which determines objectively what our worth is. In Hinduism the word for value is Maya; a truth created by comparison, hence a delusion a mirage. The Rishi Mandavya was arrested and br utally punished by the Kings guard for a crime he did not comment. When he questioned Yama, the god of death- who looked at the book of Karma and replied, as a child you tortured insects. Mandavya thought that it was not fair to punish him for a crime committed in childhood innocence. Yama, had a differing measuring scale as compared to Mandavya, who was right, the sage or god? In India the word Karma (destiny) is used to cope with situations which we cannot explain. Why bad things happen to good people and good things to bad people. We never question the basis and attribute it to Karma (fate). In the mythological story “Ramayana” Ram is banished to the jungle -was it fair? Nature is not fair; the Doe cannot complain that the tiger has eaten her new born fawn - Culture strives to be fair. We struggle to bridge the gaps between what we desire, what we deserve and what is in our destiny. But no matter what we get, we are never satisfied and always feel cheated. Unlocking true value with Vedic wisdom – Inputs from -Devadutt-

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