Sunday, November 25, 2012

There is gravity; the world sucks you into the Web.

Wall Street operators, toxic debt, religious intolerance, rampant unemployment, depression, recession, untenable lives full of hardship. Today everyone works aimlessly in software – but are mentally unemployed since the Internet, Social network, TV and videos have invaded our homes. The legacy business is narrowing like all brick and mortar traditional industries. The marvels of human engineering give way to Face book, to find connections in our deep and vast cosmos. It’s no longer enough to dress in pin stripes suits, look the part and cultivate an attitude. The days of boozy lunches and careful chatter in 5 star restaurants are over. Now we need to stare at our laptops and cell phones with a haute nerd intensity – in the flat and spectral non hour time zones of the globe. Things have changed so abruptly from the pre-globalised small shops to a world wide website. Futures like our grandparents have insufficient “now” to stand on. The old system has collapsed people had time in those days and everyone had work, badly paid but one could eat. People valued friendships talked endlessly ate and drank. A life of the spirit sniffing at one another’s caste and creed. Face book has taken a bite of the forbidden Apple, yesterdays products all toppled by Steve’s icon. Google has arrived to serve our voyeuristic desires in the virtual world. Our present is too volatile – we have to rely on risk and disaster management software. Sign of the Times or a pattern recognition.

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