Sunday, November 25, 2012

For Old Times Sake!

Retronaunt - The past is a foreign country, so we will go hunting for vintage products that are absolute. It happens to humans as well, we all have our expiry dates stamped on our skins. Gone are the flashbulbs and cameras, last year’s camera has already been replaced by a new model. The TV set evolved glacially in its early life. It has moved slowly from B&W to Colour, but then accelerated LCD to LED to 3D and Smart TV in just three years. Remember the old gramophone that went round for years and Grundig spool tape recorders. Now one needs to change the digital dock every time the digital music device changes. One strain of history holds that our desires as mankind are rooted in the changing features of products. We had the Peugeot /Ford and Chevrolet cars for 10 years and it took almost 5to 7 years for platform change in automobile, now it happens in 24 months. New designs are seen on luggage racks in less than a year, fast fashion makes garments move from the catwalk to the store in two weeks flat. It took decades for plain old rotary telephones to evolve into a push button. No more oohs, aahs and wow for the old Blackberry, now it is like a Jurassic Park item. Smart phones get obsolete in six months. I phone 5 is the coolest gadget with all the hot dudes flaunting this hardware. Mebbe in few years no one will miss me as the demands of multitasking daily life, outstrips my capabilities. When our time comes a fancy new dude will take over with oodles of charm, and only glimpses of life from my era will be revealed. We have forgotten what the real qualities of life are ---- we are wrapped up with all this new shining dollar gizmos. Watching a video and sharing our lives in virtual reality. -Vinay-

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