Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Love My India.

India is an ancient land two world’s meet the negotiation between the spiritual and the material a semi bridge between two different cultures East and West. It is at once ancient and modern, westernized and oriental, wondrous and ordinary, familiar and exotic. It is also the largest functional democracy in the world. This geographic and cultural land hosts numerous sacred sites revered by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus, giving it a feel of ancient holiness. It has invaluable artifacts of early Indus valley civilization, byzantine majesty and a spiritual supremacy. It’s an ethereal and dream like experience submerged in the pristine mist – meandering brooks, it’s like you have reached a place beyond reality, realms where dreams are made, a cocoon of timel essness. Priests, Sages, Gurus, Prophets, and Charlatans rub shoulders with each other in the holy places, houses of worship – Sadhus in loin cloth with holy ash smeared all over proclaim the nudity of their faith. Hinduism is the prevalent way of life here and there are millions of gods, but the Gods do not bother anyone, as they are as amazing as they are tolerant. So many religions thrive here unlike Europe where Christianity is much more exclusive or Middle East where Islam holds sway and are intolerant. And at the same time India is also a horrible place – it’s got poverty, its corrupt, most places are filthy, it’s that contradiction that makes it so alive. Like their multitude of gods and irrational rituals, this doesn’t make sense on its own, but helps make sense of the world or Maya, a visually sumptuous place. It is a repository of all ancient civilizations nurtured by its spiritual soil, a place that can teach you many things. A terrible, wild, crazy, horrible but wonderful warm place. I don’t know, it’s ambiguous, like so much in life its vivacity is unmatched.

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