Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blistering Barnacles!

Of all the bibulous ballyhoo that emerges from the loquacious lips of politicians, fat cat bankers, investment analysts, plutocrats, businessmen and corporate kookaburras, the weirdest is the idea that the businesses of a company or government is delivery of value to its clients, customers or the people. People all over the world have a credibility quotient and an appetite for swallowing bullshit into their genetic blueprint. The U.S.A. is staring at an economic ‘’fiscal cliff’’ and in India there is a huge fiscal mountain of debt, current account deficits that will take a long time to flatten. As Reagan stated” when your neighbor loses his job it is called recession and when you lose your job it is depression’’. One cannot be enormously wealthy and successful without persuading some politician or government official to bestow favors on you. Nothing succeeds like sleaze, and the ability to “fix” things is the most important attribute. Sleaze is the grease that lubricates the world of big business. Never call a spade a spade, call him a golden toothpick, but if you are against all bullshit tactics and holy cows you can call the spade a bloody bulshitting shovel. In public life use your words carefully.- The Bullshit Quotient-

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