Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spirituality is the Mother of Innovation.

Steve jobs traveled to Indian when he was young and poor, he was hitchhiking his way and had no money. Yet this trip was an eye opener and he imbibed the fundamental wisdom of the east. As a young hippie struggling to find meaning in his life it was a sort of tipping point if ever there was one. He learnt that money was not important as the observed the very poor in Indian who seemed to be very happy and were as inspiring as the rich people. He learnt not to be driven by money; he also learnt the value of intuition and was awe- inspired by the spiritual beauty of India. He became a believer of the eastern spiritual way and it defined the way he was for the rest of his life. Steve was inspired by the frugal life in the hinterlands and people despite lacking material comforts fiercely hanging on to their dignity. The magical quality of Vedic life in India surprised him and he went on mine this Mother lode of spiritual experiences. For the stoic Steve Jobs this place encouraged his ideal state of mind, and a strange tranquility descended on his troubled mind. In later life he once again achieved this tranquility within the chaos of disruptive innovation – not by chasing after enjoyable success, but by cultivating a kind of calm indifference towards all opposition and criticism. By defying his detractors, not shunning them – but examining their view point’s closely he was able to understand the reality. He did not exist in isolation was meticulous and gave us a product that has become part of our modern eco-system and made him a larger icon than any rock star or Hollywood actor. –Vinay- (with inputs excerpted from his biography

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