Friday, February 17, 2012

Alcohol and philosophy.

I remain philosophical thanks to alcohol (C2Ho5) while my neighbors and relatives labeled me as a drunken genius, so I did not have to indulge in having polite conversations with them, (Cheers). I was the only truly great and unwillingly ‘insane’ person, among so many who pretended to be insane but are really all too normal. Even Churchill drank to what most of us would regard as excess; whisky (Johnnie Walker Black Label): ‘the main basic standing refreshment of the white officer in the East’, as he called it. He reckoned it ‘quickened his intellect’.

I have a drink at 9:00 pm to pull myself together and begin my serious drinking at half past nine. Night comes and goes nervous tension obscured my memories of what whiskey cost me by way of physical and intellectual well being, leave alone the money part – I could easily destroy myself. Drank a good deal of whiskey on weekends, hangover and revulsions are the order of the next day. I feel sick, disgusted and obscene till I light up a marijuana weed, then meditation becomes easy as I close my eyes and float around the world.
I dream on a high, yellowed by the livid stained window, far from the bad scrawny men and from wicked paunchy ones. I see the song of the heavens, the March of the people, scurrying like ants, all those credulous fools drooling the stupid and begging faith to recite their infinite complaints to god. There is no gravity the world sucks!

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