Friday, February 24, 2012

Shift gears from cleverness to wisdom.

The rigid scheduled life of an executive career did not nourish me, trying hard is the last refuge of failure. With comprehension comes the certainty of despair, no matter how successful you are, the slow disintegration of the self will set in. So over the years like a recovering workaholic I slowly converted myself to a milder more relaxed alcoholic on weekends. Religion was not an attractive subject to quicken my intellect; my confusion was over as there was no more a sense of a competing reality.

We need to shift from cleverness to wisdom – perception is the basis of wisdom. Despite family and a large circle of friends, each of us is ultimately alone in this world. Loneliness is a misnomer, so too the melancholy air which surrounds it - with no mortal weight it disappears like clouds but thoughts remain.
I am not afraid of being lonely; I use solitude to recharge my brain cells, no thoughts of work, no philosophy, no idea, but just being. Do as nature does----- less.
That way you accomplish more, if you do nothing you accomplish everything. Express no thoughts, if the problem gets out of hand avoid it.

This zombie state is evident in the process and now I can visualize the little things with greater love and clarity. Almost like being born again with new mental traits and perspective. Knowing that in the end if I really have to evolve I must die as is evident in any process.-Vinay

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