Friday, February 17, 2012

Burning the candle at both ends.

The candles will cost more than the birthday cake and the cake will sink under the dying load of the past years. As the day dawns I realize its one year less of my life and this is no illusion but the stark reality as time is leaving me. I must walk slowly to savour every moment, like someone who has arrived from so far away and is not expected to reach his destination so fast.
The ticking away of the personal dooms day clock tolls each year ominously. Writing of the flickering candle light assault the wall, wisdom of the cruel reality of mortality is driven home. The years are like a greedy lariat in the air, like a macabre guest nibbling away at the birthday cake. I have lived life well almost burning the candles at both ends, while devouring the pleasures of life. Arthur Schopenhauer the German philosopher and Buddha laid emphasis on the dismal life and the miseries of mankind, overlooking the dazzling splendors in the Universe.
The Universe is composed of billions of galaxies, trillions of planetary systems and stars and a plethora of exquisite life forms. Earth is just 1% of it. Deepak Chopra states that our bodies are changing but our core consciousness remains singular, the soul. I seemed to have used up many life times and my thoughts were always ecstatic, not able to spend much time on dreary misery, I have a song on my lips and as the candles burn brightly before the wick is snuffed out, I bask in the romantic candle light ignoring the primordial darkness.

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