Friday, February 24, 2012

The Myth of the matter.

With deft strokes of his pen spiritual columnist Vithal Nadkarni draws heavily from the Rig Vedas the new age spiritual and neo-shamanistic texts of Don Miguel to drive home the point stated by Einstein that everything is ultimately the “figments of our imagination”.

The central precept is a holistic spiritual consciousness drawing on both Eastern and Western philosophic tradition. The concept is powerful and has the ability to transform our lives by breaking thousands of “limiting agreements“ we have made with ourselves, our faith, with other people their faiths and with life itself.

All sacred narratives are myths explaining how humankind came to exist in their present form- mythological stories originate within traditions – Prometheus shaping man for Athena to breathe life into clay- to our heavenly Father, Mother, Holy Ghost and Prophet ~ Adam, Eve, Gods, Goddesses, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, Dragons and Devils; so different from us as if they are from some alien planet. These confining dogmas, beliefs, practices symbols and myths over the years have become powerful influences in our minds.

If you are aware of this, then it’s easy to understand that all of these different mythologies, religions and philosophies existing in this world; all those different beliefs, dogmas, and ways of thinking are nothing but agreements with ourselves and with other human beings.

Everything that exists is true: the earth, the stars and the universe are true. As the Rig Veda states (Truth is one: the wise speak of many). But the symbols that we use to contract what we think are true, because “we” say so; they are all our “creations” but are they true??? Existence, awareness is the only truth (Rig Veda).

The “fifth agreement” is ultimately about seeing your whole reality with the eyes of truth. If you practice this fifth agreement it will result in the complete acceptance of yourself just the way are, and the complete acceptance of everybody else just the way they are. The reward will be eternal happiness.

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