Friday, February 24, 2012

Curiosity killed the cat.

We have an insatiable intellectual curiosity that needs to be indulged. The bane of life is to delve deeply into our hearts and minds, to figure out truth, untruths, thoughts, emotions, intentions. We critically question everything see a doctor, then seek more opinions. Good cannot exist without a twinge of evil.
We wonder where we came from, or how the universe originated, we are scared of where we would go from here- or what would be the next stop after life, while forgetting to live and enjoy this life. We want to dig deeper, beyond the visible and die a thousand deaths each day. A suspicious mind that borders on the persecution complex is always agitated, that why they say ignorance is bliss. Life would be simpler if you accepted everything at face value. Must you live beyond the horizon of life? beauty They say beauty is only skin deep why go skin diving.
I am an atheist, I fear no lord and speak my mind fearlessly, I am brutally frank and it gives me the freedom, to explore the wondrous mysteries of human existence. Pursuit of knowledge should be inwardly edifying- have practical value and a source of enlightenment, along with enjoyment. Existence is cosmic, and I enjoy it- it is the frame of simplicity that is endearing.-Vinay_

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