Friday, February 24, 2012

Quanta and Qualia.

Many anthropic principles are simply confusing to the ordinary layman. Of late term Quanta & Qualia are bandied about widely in all cosmological theories. Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra in a free wheeling discussion with Trishala Jain gives us his insights. According to him art and creative writing is a symbolic representation of reality as 0pposed to science which is a map and not an experimental symbolism like art.

The qualitative experience according to him is closer than the quantitative measurements of science. Art and thoughts are the highest form of expression of our consciousness; big leaps in collective consciousness have brought in the era of Renaissance in history.

People tend to understand from their own level of awareness. Art and creative thinking captures the flavors of life and in the language of consciousness, it is called “Qualia” meaning the quality of subjective experience. In the realm of science it is difficult to explain this experience in terms of neural networks.

For example: when you watch a beautiful sunset in Quanta terms the empirical theory of neurons firing from the temporoparietal nerve junction and some chemical or electromagnetic changes as explained by neuroscience cannot explore or explain this feeling or sense. Vedanta states that it is the experiential imagination of that sunset that may trigger the firing of neurons. Neurons are only a symbolic representation of that and the “Qualia” together create the illusion of the material world.

The self, observer and the object of observation, thoughts, feelings, sensations and images that we call the material world including our mind is the conglomeration of “Qualia”

The astronomers also watch the sunset stars and moon and have their own set of empirical theories which are tested, but are two weak to throw light on scientific theories as of now.

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