Friday, February 24, 2012

The Rainbow and the fool’s gold.

Life is always an infinite search for the Atman “mystery of life” or the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
The rainbow just like our life spans a continuous spectrum of colors with gradations of minimum and maximum intensity as in life’s emotions till finally it fades towards the other side.
The rainbow is caused by the light being reflected and refracted from water droplets. Our lives too have the rainbow when the light enters, reflects and refracts from within and without us.
But we ignore the beautiful colors of the rainbow of our lives, in the elusive pursuit for the pot of gold- enlightenment, nirvana or salvation.
Your angle of perception is what life is all about, and the hues of the rainbow can only be expressed by the bliss of joy within our lives. The pot or ultimate bliss and the rainbow colors are aspects of our life, the plurality produced by a deception called Maya. Neither the colors of the rainbow nor the elusive pot of gold are physical objects. The rainbow is a reminder of our existence in this universe and how nature casts a spell over us beguiling our sense of sight, sound touch and smell.
The pot of gold which is ever elusive is not what one imagines it to be. So relax and enjoy all aspects of your life viewed through the Vibigyor tinted glasses to lead a life as colorful as the rainbow. The basic idea is to participate in life by appreciating it and not by possessing or controlling it.

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