Friday, February 17, 2012

The Turning Brain.

Philosophers, scientists and psychologists have all tried to unravel the mysteries of the human mind for countless years, slowly inching towards answers while making little head way, like “the Pilgrims progress”. Individuals differ in how they sense and interpret the world around them depending on their world view.
What are the processes that influence our judgments and decisions? Recently a team of MIT neurologists/ scientists claim that they can change peoples moral judgments by disrupting the nerves located in the right temporoparietal junction. Other seminal researches by psychologists claim that the decision making is the result of the interplay between two cognitive systems.

All this shatters our traditional myth involving the rationality of the mind in decision making. According to Daniel Kahneman the two cognitive systems are one favoring risk and unafraid of danger while the other is to play safe and a sort of risk averse type. Through a complex interaction between there two traits the outcome of the decision is determined. That is why some decisions are not rational but more hedonistic.

That is why in philosophy and mystic wisdom we are told to make a transformation or paradigm shift from the shadow caused by our weaknesses and to develop our own minds to escape from the years of conditioning by society, culture and religion. Philosophy unlike the others has no answers, but asks questions and makes you think for yourself and not follow any pre-ordained beliefs. Both the ephemeral wink at the sensual delights of the present moment and the depths of cosmic consciousness can be found within these sticky layers of the mind.
Thoughts are like a burst of color in celebration of the universe’s capacity for joy, sorrow and laughter, infusing the breath of life and the feelings can energize or relax our minds. Ideas infiltrate our brains and takes over our actions, Truth then becomes brush strokes of our thoughts on the canvas of life.
Our capacity to appreciate Prada and Pranayam or embrace the Guru and explore the “G- spot” from the trembling skin to the tingling spirituality, its all in the mind.
As, Nicolas Despereaux states… “How often the fear of one evil leads us into worse”.-Vinay-

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