Friday, February 17, 2012

Say it with flowers.

When you wake up to the glorious sunrise at dawn, feel the gentle breeze nudge your cheeks, inhaled the jasmine scented night air and gaze at the moon and stars above the ocean. As you explore this enchanted earth, you will suddenly come upon a field full of flowers.
Behind the beautiful flowers in this world lurk life, death and hope which cast their crooked shadows on the lake.
To some flowers that fall casually dying enchanted with living, death is only a different smell that stalks through stems, sapping life, souring roots- while others that grow rigid and lie in unnatural postures through many seasons, death is the answer, which lies in every act of living.- Ikebana-
If the flowers present in drooping throw it out….. –Vinay-
And so the desert shall rejoice and blossom, as the rose sorrowful and sighing shall flee' Ishian: 35

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