Friday, February 17, 2012

Kodak no more.

Ah! The Kodak moment fades into oblivion.
Remember the sepia tinted photos of your grandparents, the college group photos and those stubby wedding alums with childhood portraits. A “picture is worth a thousand words” they say. Since 1879 Kodak photography brought us images of war, Olympics, our childhood, family, school / college days and important functions. From Brownie cameras to motion pictures Kodak captured our moments of agony and ecstasy on celluloid and print, priceless.
It is a strange quirk of fate where technology kills technology like a digital catharsis that captured the essence of the photograph as Kodak bites the dust, afflicted by the viral internet virus. It’s a pity that the Company which invented the moving pictures did not themselves perceive the big picture; and succumbed to an optical neural disorder which befell many Corporations in the past.
In a world which was moving on to digital holography Kodak developed visual agnosia (the inability to recognize the senses/ writing on

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