Friday, February 17, 2012

Heaven and hell above – Fire and Brimstone on earth....

I am amazed at the zest and persistence of the gospelers, who use every opportunity to try and convert you to their faith, as if they had marketing targets to achieve. I am deeply puzzled when these proselytizers want to prove to me that God exists. There may be comfort in collective emotions no denying, but spiritual succor in groups cannot lead one to salvation. People tend to get carried away when their emotions like fear, joy, and sorrow are shared by a community or faith, something like a flash mob that grows bigger as more and more people join.

In the olden days we dealt with our conflicts and trauma by ourselves, or with parents or close friends. Today there are a host of clinics, psychologists, and networking sites where you wash and dry out your innermost fears and emotions. Religion offers a vast network of people working in unison and who are focused on salvation or nirvana. They tell you what you like to hear, like how a miracle will happen and take away your suffering through prayer. You fall neatly into the trap because you are leading an unconscious life and do not want to confront life’s problems. Religious books are like fiction, made up of fantasy, miracles and other stories, escapism from the reality of life. It makes you voluntarily surrender your consciousness to the beliefs of others.

Like meditation you can momentarily shut off the real facts of life. But you need to shift laterally to your own consciousness to break the mirage of miracles happening. Only family or few close friends will tell you the real “bone marrow’ truths that life’s’ stories are about failures. You don’t need the crutch of religion to get up and dust yourself, be yourself and work relentlessly for the actual transformation to happen. Push out the boundaries of religious scriptures & explore the uncharted territory of your consciousness.
Real ecstasy is in discovery ourselves in the book of life as you experience it chapter by chapter and the curiosity and expectation that many pages are left; then knowing that another great chapter will open out as you expand your consciousness.

What amazed me is the passion audiences bring to play when they congregate in church or a house of worship, and all of them bond on the same page. This obsessive community outpouring is a symbol of regression. They allow conscious minds to get synchronized with their own religious faith to experience joy in their brotherhood.
When someone does not share their beliefs the “joy” instantly turns to hate and is the beginning of religious intolerance!

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