Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Atoms comprise the fetus of life in the crucible of earth.

In the morning the mist which has an enchanted effect, that has descended begins to lift the early dawn from its slumber, it’s amazing to see the orange sun light coming through the mist- as if from a painting to construct a verdant countryside of green that bursts into every hue as the sun begins to shine – vividly visual you can picture it in your mind. It is immensely evocative and one can spend hours of awestruck gazing. It punches your senses right in the gut and the only missing link is Tchaikovsky's music for the aural blanks.

In the Universe everything is connected- this unified state is what people aspire for in the world ~ to recreate the special bond that exists between man and nature; in a manner of happenstance into the global culture. The universe is inside you, a part of you and this synchronicity is astounding and exceeds all our expectations; blessed dyslexic, challenged – as we have to douse the basest expectations of man, to unite mankind.

An organism consists of atoms, matter as well as consciousness; it is part of the terrestrial evolution – the inexhaustible infinity in endless space-time and timelessness. This is the manifestation of the absolute knowledge, truth and power. All possibilities exist in life and in the mind as the world becomes depth less
The sea breeze, the air we breathe, the life giving water all are connected to the Universe and live in perfect harmony. Man must thus pick up a leaf from nature take a cosmic leap of faith and connect – going beyond individual identity to a universal one. For a new world order, just Xerox nature where everything co-exists peacefully in a kind of fairy tale. –Vinay-

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