Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sex and Spirituality.

America has always been the hotbed of innovation and chronic and recurring religious revivals in their various forms, whether it was Lutheranism, Communism or spirituality. The moral urgency, the sense of crisis and the concern, with personal salvation that marks the existence of American history.
The 1960s and '70s in America were the age of the Kinsey Reports and wife-swapping, of women worried about "frigidity" and of their men, who worried about it even more?
The orgasm became a battleground and Intellectuals who were not immune to Tantric sex and the philosophies of the east made a beeline to the Himalayas and Ganges. Nirvana and enlightenment were the key words and sexual liberation was the most common way to reach this higher reality.

America has long been a land of opportunity for spiritually inclined theorists, especially if they sport long hair, wear saffron robes and have foreign accents, along the lines of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, with his spiritual treatments in the first half of the 20th century, or with Osho with his free love the second half.

Bhagwan Rajneesh or Osho as he was called won a particular following among intellectuals, drug addicts musicians and cultural spokesmen of the new world, who were looking for a new revolution after becoming disillusioned with communism. Working in Rashnesh's favor was his timing,: Was the 'apocalyptic orgasm' the key to a new revolution, as Rajneesh claimed, or a false aim that camouflaged the hipster's narcissistic and hedonistic selfishness?

Osho for instance advocated along with celebrants like Freud the sexual revolution and everyone took it for granted that they could set aside the issue of jealousy. If sexual love could be freely shared, no one would have any reason to be jealous. That emotion could surely be considered a matter of history and there would be love around the world. Something like what was advocated by the flower children in the sixties “Make love not war”.
Yet after he made millions and died the major problems of love remain, endless upheavals and disappointments, great waves of anger, still find their place within the realm of sexuality. In spite of all these movements and followers, today there’s no sign at all that sexual jealousy is vanishing from the world.

Just as centuries before, it can take humans to the depth of existence as well as the heights... of pleasure and violence. It may be more prevalent, from the divorce courts to the advice columns to the celebrity magazines, the news is the same: Former lovers are still turning into haters, their personalities grotesquely twisted by adultery.

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