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Frozen Wall Posts.

Frozen Wall Posts.

“Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.”-Casanova-
The Difference Between a Professional and an Amateur.

The professional grabs the moment (opportunity) savoring it deliciously and says to hell with the consequences, I will cross that bridge when it comes. The Amateur thinks of the dire consequences, preferring contemplation and hesitation to action; heeding to risk aversion, doubt to certainty and by the time he decides the moment is gone! The essence is embrace happiness when it comes –it won’t last long) –Vinay-
The spirit by whatever name it exists within your heart and mind is indifferent to life's problems.In the course of time solutions may cause joy or sorrow and is not part of the spirits path to liberation.

The spirits path or what is loosely termed as spirituality has no profound liberation as understood by religion where there is a pot of gold or salvation at the end.It is for understanding of reality and our awareness of it.It helps us deepen our understanding of life there is no reward or punishment involved.

It says you can fool some people all the time, and all the people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. -But the Politicians and governments have been fooling all the people all the time!- Vinay

To be successful in life one must eschew the basic tenets of religion like compassion,truthfulness,ethics and overcome our guilty conscience and moral codes to reach the top. Thats why there are many successful sinners and only a handful of saints.-Vinay-

When you point your sails into the wind and let the current take you, who knows what wonderful shores life might carry you to?- Vinay-

The problem with choosing paths to salvation, nirvana and satori is that you seek directions to guide your desires. If you embrace the 'path' as a river, it will carry you to a desirable destination nudging you along the twists and turns of the epic journey.-Vinay-

When men start believing in God they don't believe in nothing: they believe in anything.In Fairies, Elves,Leprechauns,Devils,Magic,Sorcerers,Saints and even Harry Potter.

As God's chair is vacant Bishops,Priests, Imams,Sages, Guru's, Mullah's, Charlatans and Preachers sit in it, assuming all authority; and their main business is to examine the human species as they imagine all knowledge. (Audacious).

Life is meant to have a blast, living recklessly, living in the realm of of timelessness; living up to desires- ... to travel, living place less, faceless,to caress the velvet reality ... to glimpse at nowhere...

If everything can be figured out, there will be no meaning left in experiencing the journey of life.-Vinay-

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be”- Kurt Vonnegut-

The sands of time turn our past memories into grime.

Lord’s Prayer.
We pray “Our Father who art in heaven” (hallowed be thy name) does it mean that our “Mothers” are left on earth? This would imply that deserting women to bring up the children as single parents was prevalent from Biblical times.-Mathew 6:9-13-

If he is actually the Supreme creator he does not belong to any country, nation, culture, race or faith. Then why do religions create a feeling of ownership over their gods? Isn't possessiveness the path to violence which is the antithesis of all religions? Thou shall not abjure thy neighbors religion.-Vinay-

Love is the slowest form of suicide, killing one softly as we succumb to its slow lingering poison.

A writer doesn’t mind criticism at all. All the writers and philosophers in the past have been criticized including Shakespeare. A writer should not get into ego clashes about beliefs. At most, knowing that criticism is out of ignorance, he can have a good laugh about it.

If there is actually only one Supreme creator in this world, obviously he does not belong to any country, nation, culture, race or faith. Then why do religions create a feeling of ownership over their gods? Isn't possessiveness the path to violence which is the antithesis of all religions? Thou shall not abjure thy neighbors religion.-Vinay

Technology and the speed of Jet travel has eliminated the distinction between, history, geography philosophy and mythology~ packing all the wrong things for simple survival, let alone enjoy life.-Vinay
If there is only one Supreme creator as everyone claims, then how come there are so many religions?

Ever since I ate Sushi from a small Japanese restaurant in downtown Bombay, my breathing has been irregular. The Hotel staff insisted that the fish was freshly flown in from the Fukishama Prefecture. I complained about the sour tasting rice in which the raw slices of tuna fish were fermenting to the Chef; but my wife made me swallow my words when I mentioned “radioactive” fish.--Vinay-

There’s a joke in psychiatry: If you talk to God, it’s called praying; if God talks to you, you’re nuts.

Gurus, Masters,Mullahs,Monks,Sooth Sayers, Evangelists,Priests,Pastors and Parishioners~ they know everything it is said; unfortunately that is all they know.

Women like well endowed men.~ Men with with an enormous private income and a thick stubby freely open wallet.
Blind faith is like the powerful headlights of your car that lights an unending road in your journey,while you miss the little secrets hidden in the shadows, which actually inspire and sustain life.-Vinay-

Meditation is easy -keep your mouth shut and eyes closed~ This will help jettison your useless worldly karmic baggage.-Vinay-

The Azure blue sky knows that heaven and hell are merely illusory constructs.-Vinay-

I learned that Tai Kwon Do only has nine levels—there is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, and brown, and then a whole separate series of advanced black belts, each with its own complexity of reticulated levels, nine tiers of nine grades in nine stages without end—because Korean culture does not believe we can be perfect.

I remain philosophical thanks to alcohol (C2Ho5) while my neighbors and relatives labeled me as a drunken genius, so I did not have to indulge in having polite conversations with them, (Cheers). I was the only truly great and unwillingly ‘insane’ person, among so many who pretended to be insane but are really all too normal. Even Churchill drank to what most of us would regard as excess; whisky (Johnnie Walker Black Label): ‘the main basic standing refreshment of the white officer in the East’, as he called it. He reckoned it ‘quickened his intellect’.

In today's world 100% genuine love and compassion is offered only by a mother. In Calcutta Mother Teresa almost filled this void and then there was......Nun. -Vinay

Where else except in America can a pop star with a face like weasel and a voice that squeaks, hit the top chart buster lists and become a Billionaire. - Beat it.

How beautiful when the winds meet over the sea and the dark vastness of the ocean trembles ..... to stand up on the sea shore and see a ship sinking - rejoice in anther's woe.....( now we know why the movie Titanic was such a huge success)-Vinay-

Though it is broken, broken again still it is there~ the moon on the water.-Chosu-
Fame or oneself which does one love more?loss of self or the possession of goods which is the greater evil?-Laotse-

The US Government spends 20 billion dollars a year to increase farm income and products by doling out subsidies. The same government then spends another $30 billion dollars to make food available to poor people on welfare, food stamps and other schemes. Even a moron or imbecile can see the mistake in this equation. Just give $20 billion to the poor and let them buy the food from the farmers, it will save $30 billion of the tax savers money.

When you were born, you cried
and the world rejoiced.
Live your life
so that when you die,
the world cries and you rejoice.

The world was here before I was born, the world will be here after I am gone,
I do not fret about the world , so why should the world fret about me?
The world is going to the dogs, but forget about the world and save yourself.
The opposite of truth is not a lie , but another truth.

When I was young and had an infantile mind, I too believed in Santa Claus, Tooth fairy, Elves and Black Magic. Now that I am grown up and have a mind of my own I am not joining the majority whose religious world view is that all atheists, Non believers and Infidels are doomed because they don’t believe in God or the supreme creator- I may be a moron but I am not joining that nonsense just because I am older.

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