Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Each era shapes generations responses.

In the fifties we respected elders never discussed personal matters, scheduled time for meeting to ask favors. Saved up money to buy houses and send our children to College. Reality was a harsh teacher for a generation that worked with their sleeves rolled up, so that their children could have a better life. They had to sing for their supper, and had a desire for certainty and stability in their lives.

In the sixties the pop culture rebelled against parents and authority visited people on impulse without prior intimation. The flower children and hippie generation believed children should develop their personalities in a free, unstructured atmosphere. And the parents mostly hung out on the second floor of the building, smoking dope and enjoying sex, while downstairs the big kids tormented the little kids. For a long time this generation acted as if only moral, political and religious obstacles prevented love from flourishing in its entire splendor.

Seventies and Eighties bombarded by T.V ads says you owe me a favor, personal matters discussed in public. Disillusionment with the ethos of their own generation, like their equivalents in half a dozen other countries in the world, nourished the dream of an absolute break with the past. Their jobs were a mixture of consultancy, hard sell, event planning and wearing fancy clothes for all night parties around town.

We come to the 21st century! IT savvy youths serious by 20, lived their entire lives with antennae growing out of their ears. They require money for everything, no time to enjoy life; MBAs plug ‘n’ play people want to start careers as Vice presidents, they tweet, they share, they stay in touch with FB and their heads are in the clouds. They send pictures of their body parts, have short attention spans, no loyalty to employer or family, divorces are faster than the time it took to make wedding plans.

They suspect elders; endless upheavals and disappointments, great waves of anger, still find their place within the realm of this century. They wanted a grander, more elevated life, just as before, it can take humans to the depth of existence as well as the heights. That emotion could surely be considered a matter of history in this virtual era.
Compensation and how much money they can make in the shortest possible period is the holy grail~ first to know of fancy changes in technology and think all people who lived in this planet before them were stupid, because they did not know how to Google. B- Schools are churning them out by the millions, they are even willing to outsource their epitaph writing to third parties. These geeks will inherit the earth.-Vinay-

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