Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reboot your life spring is here.

For Hindu’s spring is synonymous with the start of a New Year. Like the spring cleaning ritual where the old clothes are shed for new and celebrations to usher the future.

It kicked off with Padwa in the West, Baisakhi in the North, Vishu / Pulkandu Vazthukal akin to Pongal in South and Rongalibichu / Pola Boishakh in the east.
Prayer, songs, dance, crackers and poor feeding are all part of the celebrations, which form a symbol of humanity embracing Mother Earth and reaping the bountiful harvest of life.

The religious chant slokas and ring the temple bells as the fragrance of incense mixed with earthly smells wafts up from the offerings, the young sing the song of spring and dance. It is a time for re-union of family, friend’s mankind & to spread bonhomie with good cheer.

The traditional lunch or dinner is a ceremonial feast integrating different dishes which bring alive all the sensory tastes like, sweet, sour, bitter- symbolic of life’s experience, which one must blend and mix in the womb of existence of our mother earth.
The quintessence is to share and distribute the harvest amongst the world, so that everyone can partake of the joys and wealth of nature. Giving and taking is like sowing and reaping the harvest & distributed with love so that it blooms like flowers in every heart - compassion, love, and forgiveness are the deserts which complement the sumptuous feast.

Contented and satiated everyone looks forward to a bountiful New Year, with renewed vigour.

Nature is at its vibrant best in spring and there is a new creation as the flora blooms creating the colors of life every year. Nature’s myriad mysteries unfold before our eyes, inspiring our lives, urging us into the unforgettable and evocative journey of life on earth. Passionately embracing every facet of nature is also a form of worship.

HAPPY NEW YEAR………… -Vinay-

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