Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tears of Aphrodite.

The major theme of Greek mythology was the gradual reduction of women from a scared pedestal to sex slaves. This was followed by the inquisition of the Medieval Christian authorities who unleashed a reign of terror essentially a frightening and threatening realm. Women were burnt as witches on the stake- the pagan the female – a ring of terror was placed around the unconscious, for religious, patriarchal and political reasons.

To break up the ancient material kinship, colonial armies sent missionaries to introduce the abstract and alien concept of Father God in heaven, Muslims followed by carrying the message of Allah and Prophet Mohammed they subjected women to wear the sack cloth of the Burkha.

Patriarchal politics, fundamentalist religion and fanatics, militant in outlook manipulated social history to repress the females through a chronic state of fear and alienation.

Students of history, mythology and philosophy find that when the feminine principle is subjected to sustained attack by religious fanatics and society, it often quietly submerges. Under the ocean where organic life began, it swims through the subconscious (where orgiastic desires reside) of the dominant male society, occasionally bobbing to the surface, to offer a glimpse of the rejected harmony.

Mature development – does not come from severing the early infantile sense of unity with the mother, but from re-establishing it. Truly, our very sanity is at stake with the continuing patriarchal attitude of religious societies that deny the cosmic feminine principle.

The Origin of early culture…. - Barbara Mor

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