Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Temple of Gloom.

If our thoughts can be transformed into reality, then the illusion of life will be shattered and the suspense will disappear. The story of our life is like a book – it begins with the first step or chapter and depicts the mundane grind of work, impossible dreams, the hunger for love in an uncaring world, moments of sadness and wonder that come into every human’s life. We have to continue the journey with a rare sense of seriousness – the loneliness and with thoughts of death hovering around, casting a crooked shadow on life.

You cannot delve into your past or yogic practices to make your present better. If we follow the ideals conditioned in our minds from an impressionable age that –ambition, success, money can bring about the blanket of security in life- then we will undergo low phases when we cannot achieve these goals. Dogma and other peoples idea of what is morally right is a problematic concept, given today’s social, political and economic implications, if we follow a borrowed compass. There are some things which may not be immediately perceptible to the human senses.

Where life begins, where and how it ends, which is the path one takes in the journey… there is a high road, a low road, surrender to the chaos and unpredictability of life. No one knows, just turn the chapters the story unfolds and the paths keep changing. Find contentment in your own book of revelations.

The paths may change, one never knows what happens in the next bend – that is the allure, the suspense, where we sit on the edge, living up the lane of unpredictability. If we can appreciate the changes, savor the experiences, the absence of certainty –then we have understood life and the journey can end.-Vinay-

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