Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Play Misty for me!

In the misty moonlight
By the flickering starlight.
Any place is all right,
Long as nature is in sight

If we stop to pause for a moment from our hectic work we can see the beauty and chaos that define our world. We rush through life with our eyes wide open but our hearts are closely shut, missing the treasures lying in front of our eyes- yet never exploring as we live every moment in the crowded city of sorrows and its veil of illusion.

Our misdemeanors continue, our misery multiples our sorrows increase love blossoms and mayhem ensues. This is what happens every day as we forget what we lost in the years, the simple bliss from being re-interpreted mixed into the language of our life, the joyous discovery of timeless nature.

To capture the beautiful landscape of nature just open the window of your heart, to see the beauty that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. It is like a metaphysical sightseeing trip the colors represent in diverse ways the timelessness and eternal power of nature in the form of invigorating landscapes. The intense vibe one feels enhances every nuance of ourselves and one need not search for that something special as there is something exciting happening around you. The palpable magical atmosphere and physical beauty will transform the mundane aspects of your life.

Nature can manifest into your mind and blend with your unique style of life and add that vivacity to brighten up dull moments. Even the mist and the wind through monochromatic trace a simple but emotional chord within us, in the same way as the twilight of the glowing beach add its mystic touch to our lives. It exposes the cosmos in its entire epiphany, revealing a spiritual sacrality.

Embracing the moment is important because nature is always at its best. Nature is freedom from all our worries & will awaken us to the time – space purpose and meaning of life.- Vinay-

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