Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yoga and sex scandals

The New York Times report that stated that Yoga was fundamentally a Tantric practice with sexual connotations has opened up a Pandora’s Box amongst practitioners and preachers alike.

With the shift of the movie theater generation to internet, people are no longer interested in the sex Scandals of movie stars, but the sex and sleeze in spirituality and religion coming out of the closet is a hot topic for debates.

The Yoga guru scandal that erupted in USA with sex, money, marijuana, videotapes and lies has tongues wagging overtime 24/7. The Anusara yoga edifice with 20000 followers scattered all over the globe was exposed when John Friend the founder was exposed as a serial adulterer, sex maniac and drug dealer.

The original roots of Yoga was to spiritualize the mundane existence, but now it is multibillion dollar business and the west has distorted it beyond recognition of its original frame work. It is using spirituality to cloak the guilt feelings of having sex whenever and with whomsoever. The paradox is that Yoga as enumerated in the Bhagavad Gita , is about Karma and Siddhi or developing the latent energies and understanding - which also comes from the loins and moves upwards, but people who have no control of the sexual impulse use it for respectability.

Pulitzer Prize winning science writer William Broad (pun in name unintended) further eroded the purity of Yoga practice when he wrote, that yoga discipline has its roots as a sex cult to stir the sexual hormones. With glamorous practitioners like Sting, Robert Downey Junior it has become a cult act in the USA, hordes of young people flocks to enroll for the wrong reasons.

This has given rise to unauthorized fly by night yoga guru’s and charlatans, who have seized this opportunity to make a fast buck and fuck, with a self defeating eclectic cocktail of spiritual mumbo – jumbo, sex and sleaze, attracting clients looking for libidinal secrets.

Hatha yoga is the purified offspring of Tantra which is different from the practice of Tantra. People in the West think Indian spirituality is about pot and chillum smoking sages, orgies and asanas are mistaken for erotic positions depicted in Kama Sutra, forgetting that all the original teachers of yoga were celibates, and it was used to heighten the senses for a higher purpose.

Forget trying to get esoteric because the confusion is caused by alliteration of sorts of the asanas. The true aim of the Tantric sex act is to transcend frictional orgasm, but it cannot be misconstrued as nirvana. Yoga in to purest form has no connection to the rites of Tantra. –Vinay- cocktail gossip.-

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