Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If all our prayers are answered then God would be Supreme.

There is birth in one place while death stalks another place and in between is the halfway house of life. One enters this world while some one else exits this world, like waves rising to its crescendo and crashing back into the ocean. Where life begins and where it ends is the journey and no one knows.

Life at first is boredom, then excitement sets in, followed by fear of the unknown and our freedom is at stake whether we use it or not, with the passage of time it goes on and on. We eke out a livelihood, raise families and age, then arrive at the end of age and want to leave, disillusioned with this world, a revelation of death as the greatest leveler.

We cannot go back into the past or hit the pause button, nor reflect and say “what if”, like an escalator time moves on relentlessly waiting for no man. Nothing more terrible, nothing more true, a despairing time, but in the fear of death we find our immortality, while there is still time.

In the mind there are a thousand thoughts, in the heart a thousand desires – we seek but cannot find it’s a mystery and we do not have enough clues to solve it. The plot unfolds in a state of mute existence, joy, misery; bliss and fulfillment stir our brain cells fitfully – sending adrenaline shooting through our veins. It leaves something hidden from us, whether we find it use it or not it goes.

The story does not begin or end with either man or god. If all our prayers are answered, and all our desires satiated then life itself will have no meaning, nor will it remain a mystery. The absence of suspense, the sadness of reality and the authority of intrigue are all ingredients of this romance with life. -Vinay -

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