Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Male of the Species is crueler than the female.

A survey conducted by Trust law website of Reuters reveals that Congo, Pakistan, India Middle East and Somalia top the charts, and is dismal where women’s progress is concerned. The high rates of human trafficking, prostitution; female foeticide subjugates and places a great cultural burden on women. Not that elsewhere the scenario is brighter as can be seen from a sampling of news items that shows the male chauvinistic attitude.

• Under Islamic law, virgins cannot be executed. So in Iranian jails, prison guards systematically gang-rape young female prisoners sentenced to death, thus rendering them fit, in “God’s” eyes, for execution.
• Pregnant women prisoners in some American jails, notably the California Institution for women, are routinely strapped to their beds at the ankles or wrists throughout their labor and childbirth. Under twenty-four-hour surveillance, the enchained women are unable to move, turn over during sleep, or help themselves in the most minimal way to ease labor pains – though the woman in labor is not going to be in anyone’s opinion, a great security risk.
• Hundreds of young women are killed yearly in India in the notorious “dowry-deaths,” in which a young bride is set afire by her in-laws as revenge for “inadequate” or incompletely paid dowries. The new bride is doused with kerosene and then ignited with matches. This act is usually performed by mothers-in-law, in acts of stupendous greed and self-hatred, conditioned by religious ideas that define sons and males generally as “spiritual beings,” while daughters and other females are defined as “income property.”
• One of the most popular X-rated video games, before it was removed from circulation in response to protests from Native American and feminist groups, was called” Custer’s Revenge,” in which a naked General Custer scored points by raping bound Indian women.
• Despite abolishing slavery , racism and women’s lib movements world over, and religion stating that there is no gender discrimination, we live in a world where the state and religion dualizes the human sexes, dichotomizing and ravaging the fairer but weaker sex.
• Beyond the Male and Pale God.- Sjoo-

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