Friday, August 19, 2011

Free will.

What is free will and thinking if we cannot voice our thoughts freely! Though our minds have the power we are constrained by the frame work of our societal and religious systems. Religious and the cultural Juggernauts derived by society and spiritual heads want to rein in our freedom and we are halfway between reality and fantasy. Everyday looking at the world we wake up to new aspirations and ideas but are afraid to voice it for fear of offending the established belief systems. Attitudes to religion, war, morals and the meaning of life are changing rapidly since Darwin’s iconoclastic theories. Our ideas need not subscribe to established values; it is one of the hazards of radical thinking. Genuine ideas can communicate before it is understood and no one can control its reception, despite a flood of iteration from Institutions with their own sterile ideas.
Thoughts can euphorically over blow cherished relationships with the masses, if we shrug off the mystique and are confident about our own self created ideas. We must eschew the bitterness that is buried inside all of us. Knowing others pain as your own can be a liberating experience, for which one needs to be pro-active in empathy, which will guide us to kindness and co-operation with the universe. Hatred, sleaze, defiance and thoughts are the wasteland which forms fragments of our imagination; and the shock of uncomprehending humanity has lingered in the chambers of our heart. Our work is never finished, we wake to the sound of human voices which is something that transcends and transforms our ideas which form when we look at the world. We see the mirror of our life. –Vinay-

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