Friday, August 19, 2011

Power tends to Corrupt and absolute power corupts absolutely!…

If there were no rules, would we be corrupt?
After all, only when there are rules can they be upheld or broken or bent, do we need rules regulators to watch over society?
Many leaders get to the top by imposing their will on others and destroying people who stand in their way. They develop a paranoid imposter complex, caused by deep insecurities within them, they find scapegoats to blame & using their power, charisma & communication skills, they force people to accept their distortions and in the process even nations lose touch with reality.
However noble their cause, we should beware of such men who would be like Caesar’s. When corruption corrodes our society and destroys lives, we wake up and government goes into denial. Can anyone win a war against corruption? The battle has just begun. Change is not a road map; it is the first stone David hurls against a Goliath. Fighting corruption is not a simple battle but a long drawn out war that has no end.-Vinay-

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