Friday, August 19, 2011

In Pursuit of Desire.

Form and effect of a pursuit cannot be predicted from the variables in its context; the pursuit is said to have been an action. In this actions differ from” behavior”.
Behavior is consistent with the variables of its context and is more or less predictable.It can be controlled and reproduced in machines; it supplies constancy to the environment.
Action connotes deeds; they produce innovation, and in concert, a revolution. Actions vanish under observation – they are total victims of the reflexive phenomenon--, that is one reason why innovation becomes habit, and revolutions are lost.
Chasing women is a disposable habit, but a very desirable pursuit.-Vinay-

All of us are caught in the modern struggle to inhabit an identity without being defined by it. We attend meetings, functions and other ritualistic requirements and in trying to meet all demands end up losing the battle with our public image. Not sure who we are, seems like a fix for a problem that did not exist. We would have been better off when the earth was without form, void and darkness was on the face of the deep.
Tired of being on the heights I deliberately went to the depths in the search of new sensations. I never found the middle ground between those extremes, although I glimpsed it. All excess, as well as ruminations, brings its own punishments. -Vinay-

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