Monday, August 29, 2011


Birthday of the Blue God Krishna the eternal lover was celebrated in India.
The collective consciousness find expression through the narrative of mythology and folklore.
Krishna the Blue god embodies all the human qualities of a son, a lover, a father,teacher, philosopher and king, surfacing over convulsions of time to weave the philosophy of everyday life for posterity.
He takes us through the different phases of life, action, knowledge, and spirituality to reach the higher evolved state. The vastness of the Universe like the ocean of the womb,which nourishes life, and our life where the physical, meta physical, and the diabolical aspects of the world meet and finally merge into eternity.
The dalliances with many country maids whom he considered his consorts, is given their liberation by uniting with his source and his own love for them , entering their heart and soul until they merge with him into a constant architecture of cohesive love free of possessiveness. This is the universal love that touches every woman’s consciousness and beyond, till their souls merge into one another into infinity. Krishna is in love with life and all women, and he dances with abandon into every woman's heart with the sheer poetry of love.

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