Monday, August 29, 2011

The grass is singing

If you can hear the grass singing all sorrow will vanish.
Contentment is state of realisation; living life without passing a verdict either on people, circumstances or oneself is deliverance from unhappiness and despair.
Despair and dejection are among the most common negative emotions that we come to face in our daily lives. These emotions rise as a result of our own judgmental approach towards life that unfolds.
We try to blame someone or an event or even ourselves when something unfavorable happens and our ego is hurt.
Our actions are always directed towards a pre-fixed objective; most common being gratification of the senses or ego. There is no prescription for happiness we must set out to do what we have to and accept the outcome without despair.

The awakened mind does not pass judgment on people or events but remains a silent observer. They will never find fault with others or themselves for failures or victories they have an indomitable spirit for adventure and want to experience every moment of their lives. They don’t control others nor their own thoughts. They have the conviction and strength to accept the outcome of their actions. For them the grass will never wilt under their feet, and is ever green on their side. They are at ease with their desires as it has merged with their self. The lesson is that forbearance, patience and contentment are important in today’s highly materialistic world.-Vinay-

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