Monday, August 29, 2011

Frozen wall posts.

If the wages of sin are death, then how come the all the sinners and corrupt ,live to a ripe old age with wealth and power?
The wages of being good are debt; as most of our earnings are taxed, rest in EMI’s and mortgages, with nothing left you die of penury!-Vinay-
Adam was obviously created somewhere else and then just put here. So, until I see some paperwork proving otherwise, I question the legitimacy of his dominion over any of this.One of them is going to eat something off that tree You told them not to touch."Gods blog"
Destiny and externalism have one major hitch. If the future “will” has already “happened” then its immutability is as fixed as the past and impossible to change.
There is nothing sadder than an unknown man, thank God I am known on Facebook!
Getting older is scary, with such losses of control of the mind and libido, everything takes longer than before, worst is when having beer guzzling sessions with the men;I'm taking Amaryl for my diabetes, which makes me pee sometimes four to six times during the session. I've decided to keep my fly open all through the session.

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