Friday, August 19, 2011

London Bridge is burning down.

The riots rocking London, spreading throughout Europe and parts of the world are a cruel paradox, when we talk of a global village. When we are entering, a world that is flat and without boundaries these walls of conflict cropping up cast an eerie crooked shadow on the Globe. The euphoria that followed the collapse of Chinese and East Berlin wall is slowly dissipated by this new madness.

Rising standards of living and economy made people more tolerant and democratic. But a stagnating economy and declining growth creates intolerance, ethnic strife, resulting in frustration and social conflict. In India the Gulmohar tree has become the botanical landscape everywhere, as it is hardy, provides shade and beautiful flowers is hardy, provides shade and beautiful flowers. In the same way the minority Parsi community who fled persecution from Persia and settled in India, have in proportion to the population contributed maximum to Indian Business, Industry, Culture and Art.
The Glomohar to originated from distant Madagascar and is not a native. Profiling non native and sons of the soil is a self defeating exercise in these times of progress, when people are viewed as global citizens.
We need to usher in change rather than fight nature to keep things the way they were. The internet operates on a global cyber pace and is a native of the universe. Clashing views have existed ever since the existence of man. By using technology alone does not give us wisdom. Technology is only a medium for exchange but the thoughts that are exchanged define our relationship.

There are no original inhabitants of this earth, we all belong to one family, discriminating on race and creed or nationality misses the lagers holistic picture and perspective.
Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.
When a person dies we say he has left the earth, never a counting or ration.

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