Monday, August 29, 2011

Poor and a developed Standard rating.

The downgrading of America’s credit rating has threatened to send the economy of the entire world into a downward spiral. This recession has a lot of lessons about life, if one can interpret the cyclical events of the stock market. It can teach you not to lose your peace of mind and get drawn into the vortex of stress, anxiety and depression.
At the outset one must acquire the maturity to accept both the good and the bad with equanimity. As in life the market too is governed by two of our emotions avarice and fear. All our actions are mostly guided by one of these two emotions, these lead to losses or profits or joy and sorrow. Life is a roller coaster ride enmeshed with the duality of misery and happiness. We might plan our lives carefully, anticipating like a stock broker to book profits when markets open. Life too flows from moment to moment and the future is always uncertain.

Life and stocks are always uncertain and unpredictable and defy all logic, like a pendulum it can swing from ecstasy to dejection, change is the only constant. Sensex and life are about being in the present moment, assessing the situation and taking corrective action, if one veers off course. We can only live in the present and learn to accept that which you can not change. The western trend of consumerism has taught us to live beyond our means, but we are not willing to face the consequences.

Mammon has made morons out of all of us and our life centers around bulls and bears of the market place. We have forgotten to find happiness in the small things.-Vinay-

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