Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Believe it or not.

With every new scientific discovery like the recent God particle, the chasm between science and religion is narrowing. Slowly the Vatican will have to relent and start accepting some of the scientific facts as the Gospel truth, as they accepted the theories of Galileo and Darwin’s evolution. However the clergy are not guileless, they manipulate their huge resources to precipitate artificial new truths, distributing a mass of images to the media-manipulated believes. For years even the Eastern religions culture and philosophy have been marketed to gullible theists and celebrities in the West. Starting from Yoga studious, transcendental meditation centers to Tantric Sex, smart businessmen have packaged this eastern wisdom- to vulnerable masses who mistook their self flattering dreams for reality. As Jonathan Lee & Bruno Latour discuss in cult of science there is a hoary orthodoxy theory which maintains that the rise of science annihilates religions –just as dawning of the day dispels the darkness of the nights. The clergy meanwhile are on overdrive denouncing science and marketing their own social constructs as the gospel truth. Uncomprehending believes, blinded by superstition and hillybillies along with gullible masses, who wallow in notions about, “the chosen people” are inspired by the scriptures, disembodied souls, exorcisms, heavenly reward and eternal damnations. They remove scientific distractions and ignore empirical thought by attending to incarnation, flesh and spirits. But if you try to argue with these blinded by superstition believers, who cling to their beliefs without any mathematical support, apart from the realm of make believe, you will end up disappointed. Their motto is that it is always, better to believe in something, or rather anything, rather than not to believe at all. The believers’ ultimate truth is a truth of transformation rather than the truth of empirical information. – Vinay-

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