Friday, July 20, 2012

The Wailing Wall of silence.

When a poem recitation is over, there is pin drop silence as we try to imbibe the meaning of the word and its import even though the poem is over, moments of quite introspection that can create mental images, float in our minds even in the absence of words which are always crammed with noise. Words can never keep track of the profusion of silent thoughts that populate our creative minds- in many instances a lot of things are left unsaid .It is the silence between our thoughts through which we can access our highest creativity- a sort of music to our ears, our deepest intuitions and our most profound joys.

When we grieve deeply or are moved intensely, we find ourselves bereft of words, this silence of wailing noises is not due to the absence of sound, but due to the interpretive feeling and the presence of a powerful and profound meaning. Sometimes when the bonds are strong between friends, family or lovers we can convey wordless messages without the jarring sound of language. Hermits, sages also seek the solitude of nature in the mountains/ deserts or caves to cut off chatter and focus or meditate, silence represents oneness.

By transcending into silence we can dissolve stress and tension – a pause that refreshes and nourishes our silent source or soul within. Some narratives in our lives are more poignant in their silences- than the loud high pitched wailing of grief and pain. Often victims of sexual violence and abuse shun word as they skip over a vast expanse of pain and unspoken truths, which we have relegated to the domain of silence and invisibility. Their anguish and memories bleed copiously into the silences of their narrative as their reticence escapes the most salient aspect of the deeply agonizing violence.

Even in quantum physics there is a non-physical filed of energy/ residing in a state of entropy or vacuum. This inner field of life is called as the field of consciousness in the Vedas and through quiet and tranquil contemplation one can connect to the innermost core of intelligence. Like the silent night when you sit in mediation one, mind becomes so silent that our own intelligence in then revealed to us.

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