Friday, July 20, 2012

Golf and the Art of Swinging through life.

In life we have Gurus, Sages and Personal life coaches. In golf the caddy is your companion guide and pseudo philosopher- who helps you to explore the landscape of your life. Among all the sports and games, golf is the one game that brings you closest to nature and your inner self.
There is a method in the aimless jaywalking style of the game- while chipping away at the pock marked ball, one realize the importance of conserving nature and the environment. A mystical journey and a sort of spiritual union with the universe.
Silence is absolute here like meditation, and ethical questions will always hover in your consciousness when you attempt to take short cuts- because it will dawn on you that you are only fooling yourself, and it is not the path to mastery or perfection. It is a symbolic trip through lush space and time, to perceive reality through nature.
You learn that bad shots happen on the golf course too and one must not fret about it but analyze what went wrong and focus on the next shot. You learn so much more from your bad experiences (shots) in your life than the good ones. You get time to reflect on them unlike other sports, not reflecting is a waste of a precious opportunity, as reflecting plus pain equals progress in life.
A few bad shots are not the end of the game of life and one great shot can make the par, and you can reclaim your life. The real purpose of mistakes, sorrow is to enable you to rechart your life, just like you make course corrections; you change the iron to fit the situation, different sticks for different strokes/ situations.
On the course you are alone, no coach, no guide the moment of truth- as you are poised to strike the ball, you are alone, the “ I” remains. You will discover that you develop two perceptions of life, two fundamental objectives,- the self discovery of your specific characteristic and the perception of distinction, for a balanced view, the game is a relentless pursuit of truth and personal evolution. That is why they say old golfers attain a state of bliss/ nirvana- they do not die, they only lose their balls.

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