Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hope is for the Hopeless.

It wastes as much energy to search for the meaning of life as it does to live with abandon, walk on the edge celebrating an ecstatic life. The underlying pulsating essence is the sublime intention to choose with no regrets. Embracing the darker realities of life is as important as enjoying the brighter ones. Instead of dissipating your time and energy searching for the elusive meaning of life, focus on the passion that excites you. As Marshal stated “for primitive man space and heaven was the uncontrollable mystery, for man in our technological age it is God and the meaning of life, that occupies the same role. Men have never shied away from experiment, stitching together myriad images of the supernatural. However belief that propels one into action need not always be derived from a religion or scriptures, and contemplation does not mean breaking away from reality, transcending flesh and bone. Religion has encouraged an allergy of experiencing negative emotions by emphasizing that faith and prayers will help. One of the selling points of religions is to ask followers to have faith and hope, while instilling the morbid fear of death & damnation in their hearts. Trying to stamp out negativity whenever it pops up is counter productive. Evolution from self absorption to the realization that life is unpredictable - you learn as you go along and we cannot change the past. This should not imply a severance from celebrating and enjoying life. Religions are unaware of the anguish of its believers, who are the borderline cases and like a pendulum swing from panic to serenity. Your success or failures in life will not be decided by the number of setbacks you encounter, but rather how you react to them. The origins of our fears are buried in the unconscious and religion converts at onto a transactable commodity making us revisit the stone ages. Fear is our natural reaction and makes us move closer to reality. We all act in a certain way and we cannot change the inevitable with hope or prayer, its how you handle the situation that counts. Real enlightenment or overcoming fear is when we look inward – to find reservoirs of strength within ourselves, to define our internal idea and seek it with a purpose verging on the spiritual. –Vinay-

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